Hi - I’m Anhlinh, and I’m in love with baking. 

I didn’t always know that baking and I were meant to be together. They say there’s no such thing as love at first sight and it’s true - baking and I were merely polite acquaintances for many years. 

Growing up, I dreamed of a corporate life: wearing powerful pantsuits, swanning into my globally-recognised firm with a complicated coffee in my hand and a harried assistant hustling along in my wake. I even got so far as finishing my degree before baking and I were properly introduced; but once I discovered the scrumptious art of cupcakes and chocolate making, I was smitten. 

And lo, The Bake Co was born. 
If you’re yearning for a scrumptious snack, a snazzy oh-so-easy gift idea, or if you just need a lend of a pantsuit with very strong shoulders, you’ve come to the right place. I run this little happily ever after from my registered kitchen in Brisbane. To ensure maximum deliciousness, all my delights are made with free-range eggs, Callebaut chocolate, Nielson-Massey Vanilla products, and all the love that can possibly be bestowed into a single baked good.